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No matter how small the gesture, movement is everything.

Babies first concert.

When this photo was taken it was after performer Baby Jay did his charity debut concert for Ronald McDonald House Houston. The baby boy in this photo from what his mother has mentioned was the ever first concert he had attended. This was an eventful morning for the family. 

Thank you with a hug.

Sometimes there isn't a way to repay a thank you better than a warm hug. This is what happens to one of the audience members.



Knights of Columbus

Houston Pride Band


LGBT power to all youth!

When young students are invited to perform in front of the stage because the person has a talent that is definitely worth listening to.

Houston Pride Band Playing at Houston Pride Parade


Face it, sometimes timing is off.

Okay volunteering is one of the things that the universe has provided the community with caring people to help out. I will say for some of the public events that I have been involved with I could not imagine what I experience. More or less I have had an positive outlook on life along with everyone one else.