Monica's Foto Houston

Capturing memories for years to come!


Hi everyone, I am Monica Barahona a local Houstonian photographer, from Southeast Houston. I started as a photographer at a young age, influenced by my grandfather's black and white photos. My first earlier subjects were my pets and the flowers that grew around the yard. Occasionally, my family would go to Brazos State Park where I would take nature shots. Along with a few side-jobs of special events and family pictorial shoots. As I became a bit older I took surrounding landscape photographs of Houston areas such as downtown by Buffalo Bayou. My career as a professional photographer started the summer of '09 with the launching of Monica's Foto Houston as partners with the family company Plaza Wise and Love Green Go Green magazine. I worked with all three of the companies until May 2012, when I had been accepted to Santa Fe University of Art and Design, New Mexico. So I decided to discontinue Plaza Wise and Love Green Go Green. But  I did put a hold on Monica's Foto Houston until settling in at the college. While in school I started a series of Steampunk photos as a freelance photographer. I took photos of my friend's works or events they would participate. As an artist and photographer, I am working towards a goal to help family portraits not only affordable but memorable. 

Everyone has an idea.

If there is anything that I do better is helping. If I can help in any humanly possible way, then I will. Working with other artist or other people from the community would be my pleasure.   

The Adventures Of Moni