Monica's Foto Houston

Capturing memories for years to come!

Ursa Major Gone But Not Forgotten



During 2017, I decided to work on another art photograph from my travels to New York.  I became deeply stunned by the scenic geography. Alongside my companion, I am grateful to be able to express my emotions. This image represents the overall expressive notion which captures the moment of intermission from reality.  

Song of the Artist (2017)

During the concerts I find this moment to have been an insight into the surrounding environment. It is an essential expression on her face as she sang her song.

"Golden Sunrise Land" by Monica Barahona (2016)

I created this image in pursuit of recreating an experience. An emotional state of mind in which I felt had a great effect on the reflection of how I felt. The multiple compositions of photographs would be the places in during that time I had to reside. The depth of the detail would furthermore. 


1920s & 1930s Theme Photograph

Mix-media:Projection onto sculpture video: Outdoor Vision Fest "Atomic Tube"

Free the mind for the love of art.

Being able to express emotions through the an activity in which people look upon and share related thoughts is unique. Because taking the time to silence all noise is what makes us realize tranquility within our self.