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Idenfication and Passport Photos

Details About Photo Printing Requirements

This page is a more informative section about the types of photographs prints that you may be seeking or have made. If there are questions, please contact us with you questions or simply fill out the form by clicking the button below.

U.S. Passport Photo Prints

Photos Package / Paquete de fotos

They are the same-day print and pick up. So, no hassle. Passport photos are taken in-studio.

Es la impresión y recogida el mismo día. Así que no hay problemas. Las fotos de pasaporte se toman en el estudio.


USA Passport (Pasaporte EE.UU.)

Size 2×2 in.

High-resolution image

Clean white background

Color photo

Neutral facial expression

To be of professional quality, correctly lit, exposed, and in focus

No hats, hair bands, bows, etc.

Mexico, Central America and Latin America Photos Prints

Tipo de foto y Tamaño

Foto Tamaño Infantil 2.5×3 cm

Foto Pasaporte Mexicano 3.5×4.5 cm

Foto Visa Mexicana 5×5 cm 

Foto Título 6×9 cm

Foto Diploma 5×7 cm

Foto Credencial 3.5×5 cm

Foto Indantil 2.5×3 cm

Foto Filiación 3.5×5 cm

Foto Visa Americana 5×5 cm

Selección de Imágenes

Type of Photo Paper Tipo de papel fotográfico

  • Matte Mate
  • Semi-Gloss Semibrillante

Type of Cutout Shape Tipo de forma de recorte

  • Square El Cuadrado
  • Oval El Óvalo

Color of Prints Color de las impresiones

  • Color Color
  • Black & White Blanco y Negro


Here are some websites that can help you with your documents and more information for about they type of photos you may need.