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Live Broadcast Studio Photo

Photography is hand on hand with cinematography.

My main focus on companies that want me to do post-production of both video and still images. It's all for the love of art.

What can be edit?

  • Home videos, original content music videos, commercials, short films, semi-full length films.  
  • Source material in need of editing can be as short as 30 seconds to a few hours of footage.
  • Video editing services include assembling video into the final piece.
  • Adding chapters and menus.
  • Motion graphics such as Titles, Logos, and name cards.
  • Voice Over (must be prerecorded to add on).
  • Music (Original Context by provider).
  • Adjusting brightness, contrast,  or color.
  • Adjust image stabilization 

Please Note: Any filing must be RSVP at least 3 months to 1year prior to filming due to high demand and availability.


Special Instructions

  • Specifications 
  • Dimensions 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Background Material 

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Image Digital Solutions

At the time I was working with Carlos Torres the company owner of Image Digital Solutions. I was hired as an intern for a few months in the graphics department when I proposed to help make a video to help inform his customers. The idea was automatic accede to start instantaneously. 

Video & Video Edits

  • Shooting Film In/Out of Studio
  • Hourly Rate
  • Video Editing
  • Digital or Hard Copy