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Thanks to the Houston Flood Museum and Foto Fest for sharing my story like many Houstonians we had been impacted by Hurrican Harvey.

What I took back from this experience from the moments that the photos had been taken to seeing the photos at the gallery, had been emotional. For one it is the city that I love had been hit by a disaster. Two I was not alone and grew strength to carry on. Three being able to share these photos had been an important decision that very well contributes to our communities. Overall, business is back to usual and Hoston is ever so beautiful. 

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Journalism: Herman Sandoval

Every person has a story to tell, its until someone ask. Then that's when we truly stop to listen.

I find that journalism is a passion I am still exploring. With many stories I have listen to, each have enlighten my way of thinking every so slightly. When capturing the moment it is something that these people are sharing apart who they are. We must remember we are not so different from one another. 

The Artist behind the Tattoos

            I had the opportunity to witness one of the many tattoo artists from Santa Fe to perform art. The artist name is Dawn Purnell her work is known from a network of client base. When people have the right to self-expression these artist do their best in making that creations reality.  What I can say of what I have seen is that, if you are good at what you do then people will return no matter what time of day.

            At first glance these artists in society would be frown upon because of their appearances. The lack of consideration of who these people are tend to become misjudged and despite of their appearances these people have their own family that they care about. An artist works are as any ordinary folks that would work in white/blue collar jobs. The only difference is the type of environment that they work. But I will say that Dawn does have a positive relationship with her child.

            Regardless of how they raise their children, Dawn will make time for her family and not let work get in the way. Work and family should stay separate according to the artist. 

            Each visitation that I did for each one where different starting with me walking into the tattoo parlor. Every decoration where different and so was the vibe that I sense. It was the feelings that I made a difference while I there making the interviews. For example when I made my trip to Dawn’s Custom Tattoo, I was automatically welcome with a nice vibe. The outcome from the visit was really cool, chill, and easy to talk to people that you can have conversation.

            A couple of fun fact that I did learn were one not all tattoos have a mean, sometime people get tattoos because they like getting. Secondly, the TV shows about tattoo offends tattoo artist because tattoo artist or those who get tattoos are being stereotyped. Overall the experience was better than I expected.  Meeting Dawn and  have her tell her story and showing her work is whole nother ordeal but it is one that is worth being told.